Sunday, August 06, 2006

knives in check, away we go

This is the first in what will be a continuing account of the capturing of sounds at Candyland Recording Studio.

8/5/2006 The members of local band Knife the Symphony showed up eager to continue mixing their debut EP.
We ran through some notes from the previous mix session before starting on the last two songs. No one in the room agrees 100% on anything, but it makes for an interesting day of compromises. Hopefully the end result will be all the better for it.

I recalled my mixes from the last week and we got started on the tentatively titled, "Their Titanic Struggle." After a few hours of blending the parts and the vocals we decided to move on to their opus, "Wormburner." I'm sure all the titles will change so I have no idea how anyone will referrence the progress of these tunes once they actually get the final art copy of the record, but for our sake here, it's 'wormburner'. Before putting this one to bed, we actually ended up adding some more vocals and some extra guitar. I thik it was worth the time as both elements flushed out parts of the tune that needed flushing. The surprise star of the day has to be Robyn's singing, as she was initially too shy to step in front of the mic. Her voice has added a whole new dimension to the band's sound that they may have not even realized existed.

Good show.

We wrapped up around 10:00pm and will meet again in a week after everyone's had some time to listen to this first round of mixes and make notes.


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